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Title: 대장금이 보고 있다 / Dae Jang Geum Is Watching
Also known as: Jang Geum, Oh My Grandma
Genre: Sitcom, Food, Romance
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2018-Oct-11 to 2019-Jan-24
Air time: Thursday 23:10 (2 episodes back-to-back)


The drama is about the descendants of the main characters from hit MBC drama “Jewel in the Palace“.

It’s tell the story of three siblings, Han San Hae (Shin Dong Wook), Han Jin Mi (Lee Yul Eum), and Han Jung Shik (Kim Hyun Joon), as they each devour delicious food, fall in love, and struggle through the difficulties in life. Meanwhile, Bok Sung Ah (Kwon Yoo Ri) is a new employee in the sales team, working at the same company as Han San Hae.

== Dae Jang Geum Is Watching OST mp3 ==
Track List:
01. Hercheck (허첵) (Super Kidd (슈퍼키드)) – Fry and Stir Fry (지지고 볶고 데쳐)
02. Chamsom (참깨와 솜사탕) – Taste of Love (사랑의 맛)
03. WINK (윙크) – Hot Hot (핫해핫해)
04. PARK YEON (박연) Damsonegongbang (담소네공방) – Only Looking at You (그대만 보면)
05. TAESABIAE (태사비애) – Please (제발)
06. Sugarbowl (슈가볼) – Fluttering (설레더라)
07. 406 Project (406호 프로젝트) – Maybe Love (사랑일까)
08. SOYA (소야) – You on a Sleepless Night (너로 잠 못드는 이 밤)
09. Jo Moon Geun (조문근) – In Fact (사실은 말야)
10. Shin Min Cheol (신민철) (2max) – You Are My Sunshine
11. Kim Dae Yeon (김대연) – Your Expression (너의 그 표정)
12. Acousweet (어쿠스윗) – Love Is Everything
13. Song Min Kyung (송민경) THE SEEYA (더 씨야) – Feel So Good
14. Shin Seung Tae (신승태) SsingSsing (씽씽), Lee DoHun (이도훈) Feat. Choi Joo Yun (최주연) – Radish Water Kimchi (동치미)
15. Who R U? (후아유) – Be Alright
16. RED CHAIR (빨간의자) – How Come (어쩌다)
17. Oneyears (한살차이) – Goodbye to You (안녕 그대)
18. Mood On (무드온) – Goodbye My Love (안녕 나의 사랑)
19. An Ye Seul (안예슬) – Just Like Now (지금 이대로)
20. Kim Eun Bi (김은비) EB – Take a Breath (숨만 쉬어요)
21. Cosmos Hippie (우주히피) – Still In That Day (여전히 난 그날에 살아타이틀)
22. CODA BRIDGE (코다브릿지) – Sunny Day

OST K-Drama Dae Jang Geum Is Watching [Full Album]
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