OST K-Drama Different Dreams [Full Album]

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Title: 이몽 / Different Dreams
Genre: Historical, Melodrama, Spy, Action, Medical
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-May-04 to 2019-July-13
Air time: Saturday 21:05 (4 episodes back-to-back)


This is a pre-produced drama.

The story takes place in Kyungsung (South Korea) and Shanghai (China) during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Lee Young Jin (Lee Yo Won) is a Korean surgeon who was raised by a Japanese family. She becomes a spy for the Korean government.

== Different Dreams OST mp3 ==
Track List:
01. OLIVER (올리버) – Same But Different Dreams (같지만 다른 꿈)
02. Nam Gyu Ri (남규리) – Candle In The Rain
03. Taesabiae (태사비애) (殆死悲愛) – I Miss You
04. R.B (알비) – Crossing
05. Nam Gyu Ri (남규리) – Before Tonight is Over (이밤이 다하기 전에)
06. Ladies (레이디스) – Goodbye
07. Han Dam Hee (한담희) – Dawn (여명)
08. Ain (아인) Momoland (모모랜드) – Because You’re My Everything (전부이니까)
09. Rich (리치) – Let Me Know

Part 10 BGM
01. Song Jae Kyung (송재경) – After Anger
02. Park Se Joon (박세준) – BLOOD SCENT
03. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Desire
04. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Different Love
05. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Double Black
06. Song Jin Suk (송진석) – Dream Her Hell
07. Song Jin Suk (송진석) – Fierce Life
08. Song Jae Kyung (송재경) – I Am Ready
09. Lee Nyum (이념) – Incredible Story
10. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Keep A Secret
11. Lee Nyum (이념) – Never Happy Here
12. Park Se Joon (박세준) – NIGHT CRAWLER
13. Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁) – No Choice
14. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Overload
15. Park Se Joon (박세준) – RIGHT OVER
16. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Sad One
17. Park Se Joon (박세준) – The Botton
18. Park Se Joon (박세준) – THE WIND OF MEMORY
19. Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁) – TITLE (Enemy Inside)
20. Park Se Joon (박세준) – Ultralisk
21. Lee Nyum (이념) – Mask (가면)

11. Kim Dong Han (김동한) – I Want You (원하고 원하면)
12. Nam Gyu Ri (남규리) – Dance Tonight

OST K-Drama Different Dreams [Full Album]